Farm Pig in Jodhpur

Farm Pig in Jodhpur

If you are looking for Pig Farming in Jodhpur, then Baghel Agro Industries is the right destination for you. We provide the superior breed of pig in Jodhpur and other cities in India. These pigs can consume a variety of feed such as Grain, broken food, pasture, fruits, vegetables, trash, sugarcane, and sometimes even eat grasses.

A single pig may give birth to up to 12 piglets in a single birth, making it one of the most prolific livestock species on the planet. They may also produce two litters every year under optimal pig management methods that is used as manure to fertilize the soil. We are one of the best Farm Pig Wholesale Suppliers and Exporters in Jodhpur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organically grown produce has lower detectable levels of pesticide residue than conventionally grown produce. The produce may have residue due to pesticides approved for organic farming or because of airborne pesticides from conventional farms.

Organic foods have the same quantity of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as non-organic meals. Organic foods usually contain fewer pesticides, fewer multidrug-resistant microorganisms, and no GMOs or foods.

Unfortunately, natural does not always imply organic, and there are no assurances. The organic food industry is the most tightly controlled. Only organic ensures that no hazardous synthetic pesticides, poisonous synthetic herbicides, or chemical NPK fertilisers are used in manufacturing, and that animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Organic products are more expensive than conventional ones.... In comparison to demand, organic food supply is restricted. Organic food production costs are often higher due to higher labour input and farmers' inability to produce enough of a particular product to minimise the overall cost.

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